Workshop for companies

A workshop like no other.

Have you had enough time management workshops ?

Then you are ready to go for the next level, where a workshop becomes an adventure and a personal inspirational experience.


It’s time to give your employees a personal adventure to bring them a mind-shift about time and a fulfilled work-life.

For companies

With this workshop “create moments” you offer your employees something very unique.

You offer them a personal journey and a new way to use their time wisely.

Do you know what people remember? They remember emotional intense experienced moments. (That’s why most of the time management tools vanish into thin air….) In this workshop, they will experience moments they’ll never forget.

Of course in a positive way.

What are the benefits:

  • developing a pro-active and better work environment
  • active reflections and contributions 
  • “speak up” mentality
  • higher quality of time = higher quality of life
  • no more distractions – more focus and deep work
  • increased job satisfaction
  • higher energy levels
  • differenciate importance vs urgencies
  • unique impact on clients & customers
  • development of an innovative and creative attitude 
  • optimistic influence on team & work environment
  • positive effect on employees team spirt

Conditions of participation:

  • Be open for a new method.
  • Number of participants : 5 – ∞
  • Duration : 1-5 days, can be spread over several weeks
  • Price : on request

Additional option:

Individual coaching 1-1 for maximum 12 persons:

  • One hour coaching “tête à tête” for make “the plan”
  • One hour coaching by videoconference (skype)
  • Individual solutions and tools

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to try something new. 

What my clients say
Erich Frech

A new experience in further education; it dominates the atmosphere, interaction and efficiency

My clients

srf Anna Jelen

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