What it means to BE YOURSELF

Anna Jelen be yourself
Hello my dear listeners out there

What does it mean to “be yourself”? Can we really be ourselves all the time? I would love to digg into this topic a bit more – because I believe it is a huge waste of time if we can’t live the life we want to. Today, just a small “listen-into-it” episode of 10 minutes. Soon there will be more to come on the issue.
Enjoy this episode and let me know what you think about it!
Take care. Anna.


Watch a video on “to live a life fully”: https://youtu.be/MkPVYx_4-ng or Click hereAnna Jelen youtube

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h i anna, immer in form !…. so guet……. (agree 99 %), brienzersee ….. (to cold for me!), and you play “stride piano” ….. (show me more, pls), c u soon….. (in Arosa or …. berne: formula e: 22.6.19)

l g bmö

we ae not “spammers or spinners” ;-)))

Beat! :-)))) It’s always a pleasure to read your comments – thank you for watching and being here! Hope you are good. Grüassli, anna

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