The TEDx adventure

Ted Anna jelen

Imagine you are standing on this beautiful stage in this amazing theatre. The audience is watching you. And they would also like to hear you – but there is not one word coming out of your mouth. Because you have a total blank. The words are just gone. Come on, what’s next? You have no idea. You think: “How can my brain be empty like this?” It’s almost fascinating, that this is possible. Pure emptiness. BUT – it’s not really the moment to have a blank….

Do you want to see the video about “The TEDx adventure? click here:

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Waouw ! What an incredible experience ! Thanks for sharing

I’m very happy you like it Shanga!

Neil Adrian Mahistrado

I remember myself in front of my class. Presenting a report to them every time that I do this or being told so. I was very nervous that sometimes I tremble. I don’t know why but I’m trying to fight it, just like you said that you will have to “find your self confidence”. But you made it and you manage to overcome your nervousness and the BLANK state is gone ☺ . Just keep it up!???? you did the right thing strive for more!!!.

Dear Neil – yes, I think we all know this feeling… but we surely can overcome it. Thank you so much for your kind words and let’s keep on doing it. 🙂 Leaving the comfort zone can be fun. I’m starting to love it. :-)) Best wishes to you, anna

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