The path to the top of SUCCESS

The path of success
do you want to go to the top anna jelen podcast
Are you someone who has a dream or a vision and you are ready to go to the top? To climb THE mountain ? I would like to ask you, to take a walk with me today. In this episode. But we will take a different path, a lighter one. Not the one, where you have to leave everything behind you. And I will give you my first aid kit for the journey – which contains 6 golden rules to get to the top but with ease and joy. Are you ready ? Let’s go.
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Thank you so much Anna for sharing, this was very wise. This is a great and brave concept. Getting there, but not by all costs and all means. I love the idea of island hopping! It’s much better than this climbing thing😉 very warm greetings from Poland, Kraków from Monika 😄 Good luck and all the best with everything you are doing and creating!!! First time I came across hour vlog I cried so much… Because you are living out my dreams and you made me believe that it’s possibile to live on a non standard way. Being creative in nature…

Dearest Monika – I am so thankful for your lovely feedback! And yes, please continue to believe in the “non-standard-way” (I love this word! 🙂 because it is possible. If you have a dream and if you do it with your heart, it will work. Sometimes it takes some t i m e ….but it will work! 🙂 All the best to you my dear Monika from Kraków.

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