THE LAST LETTER – do this, before death arrives

The Last Letter
The Last Letter


We can’t talk about time – without talking about death. I love this episode! First of all – it’s filmed at my sister’s house in Sweden, which is a lovely place and: I talk about THE LAST LETTER. The letter I have written in case of my death.

I would like to inspire you – to prepare some important steps to reduce stress for your loved ones in case of your own death. 

Don’t you worry – this episode is lighthearted and comes from the bottom of my heart.

Watch the video here Click hereAnna Jelen youtube
Episode notes
  • one day we will be ashes (or a diamond…)  00:00 – 02:30
  • intro – Anna Jelen Your Time Expert and introduction of Öland (Sweden) 02:50
  • diary entry: the Poem and my first testament (10 years and 14 years old) 06:00
  • how prepared are you? 08:08
  • the story of getting the idea of The Last Letter 09:22
  • some passages from My Last Letter 12:12
  • 16:00 – 16:04 (WATCH the VIDEO and see something – which I didn’t see 🙂
  • prepare a guideline for your loved ones 17:53
  • the undertaker 19:46
  • visiting Mormor (grandma) 22:04
  • by the way….23:48

Take care and feel free to share my work. Thank you.


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Amazing, touching !
Thank you Anna !

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