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I have already supported people with the following statements:

  • I often loose myself in all the stuff I have to do – how can I improve my focus and concentration?
  • I want to improve my Work Life Balance
  • I am unable to take a break – I wish I could integrate that in my daily life
  • How do I create a everyday life so I’m not so tired in the evening?
  • I can’t wind down in the evening – I still have rotating thoughts about work. How can I change this?
Let's talk about time Bangkok

just a great subject to do a lecture on Maagwould def come back again

Let's talk about time Bangkok

Dear Anna, congratulations for yet another successful event! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and find much inspiration. I know it has also ignited some positive thinking among many of us. I love the way you shared and the content is really good! I wish you are living here in Bangkok so we can have regular meeting! In any case, please keep in touch and share your findings or if you should need any input, feel free to contact us. Best of luck for your upcoming events! Cheers! Lynda ????

Let's talk about time Zürich

Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge so generously!

Let's talk about time Hamburg

Thank you, Tack and Merci! I had a wonderful time ????

Let's talk about time Hamburg

it was great. hope see you again!

Let's talk about time Portland

Anna is personable and inspiring! Time well spent!

Let's talk about time Portland

I truly enjoyed the presentation and the event and look forward to see whats to come from Anna!

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Anna is different
Anna Jelen is full of creative ideas,  has exciting and new ideas and is a positive inspiration. She motivates to create a super everyday life.


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