WHY do you want to STOP TIME

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WHY do you want to STOP TIME 
This is how my podcast-episode starts:

I’m on the train. I look at this teenager sitting not far away from myself. Somehow he reminds me of someone. His eyes. I have already seen them. But when and where? We arrive at a station, he gets out and enters the little house just next to the train station. Many times I had come to this house when I was a teenager.

Now I know where I have seen his eyes! It wasn’t him, but he has the exact eyes of his father, which was my boyfriend when I was about 15 years old!

I tell this story a friend, and she says: “I can’t believe how time passes! Anna – do something – you are the time expert – you have to be able to slow down time! „

Do we really want to stop time?
Remember Krone and Airos from a last episode (when is the time to quit your job?).
Samuel did a great job with this video : https://youtu.be/g5IA99Gh_sQ or Click hereAnna Jelen youtube

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