Spiritual growth with music

Spiritual growth with music !
spiritual growth anna jelen
Are you someone who loves music? Or someone who loves to explore new music? Or just somebody who needs to dance sometimes? If the answer is yes, well, than this episode is for you. It’s a bit different than the usual ones – but do you know how many songs have been written about TIME ? Hundreds of songs! Today I want to introduce you to 5 of them.
Is there any style you prefer? I love all kinds of music – really, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t listen to. Just look at the variety music has to offer! And it has always brought people together and that is the true beauty of music. It is so powerful ! Just imagine, it has the ability to control your emotions! You feel sadness, when you hear a sad song. You feel like a hero, when you listen to an epic song. You feel like a freaking rockstar, when you listen to a good rocksong.

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