Express yourself
Express yourself

Hello my dear listeners out there

Wherever you are – I hope you are doing fine! If not – think of my grandma, who said: “I take them all – even the bad moments. “.
The issue of today is: to express yourself and how to get there..
If you want to see beautiful images from the Swiss mountains – enjoy the video and if you want to go a bit deeper into the topic and hear personal experiences from me – go and listen to the podcast.
Here are a few lines from the podcast: “Let me tell you a personal story and maybe – you can find yourself in it.
It was a chapter in my life – where everything was good. I had a great relationship. I was happy with my job. And there was Diabolo – my best friend in the form of a horse. In all respects, it was a comfortable life.
Years had gone by like this when suddenly, I started to feel different. It was like an inner discontentment. That was strange, and I remember telling me: “Come on, Anna – everything is fine – what’s going on with yourself? “But I couldn’t find out what it was – until this one evening happened.”
Enjoy and take care. Anna.


Watch the video on “EXPRESS YOURSELF”: https://youtu.be/Wu4569vHo7s or Click hereAnna Jelen youtube

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Nice☺, good work Anna!

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