I have time. AND YOU?


i have time anna jelen podcast

When was the last time, you said: „I don’t have time.“
If we say „I don’t have any time“ – we are experiencing time poverty. And poverty means always the feeling of powerlessness. We are not in control. It’s not in our hands. Are you sure, that you don’t have any time? Imagine you have a magic wand and you could make 3 wishes for your daily life. When I ask people to do this, often one of the wishes will be: „To have more time.“ Everyone agrees that time is precious. So it is very astounding that we give it away so easily.
Imagine a life, where you always have it. There is never a lack of time. Impossible! ..you might think? I’m going to show you, that you are only a mind shift away to see, that time is always available for you. Come with me and let’s find time. Welcome to this episode.

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