Fraud and scam alert
Hello my dear listeners out there

“Dear fraudster – you were ripping me off. And I have to say: you were good at it. For a moment, I even liked you. But today I know, that you are not a good person. Shall we tell the world what you are up to, so that you are loosing „business“ and that others can be prevented? Yeah, come on, let’s do this.“

Enjoy this episode where I tell you a story about a fraud which happened to me and let’s share this story, so that we can save others time.

Thank you for listening!
Take care. Anna.
Watch the great video Samuel did on the topic FRAUD : https://youtu.be/2bohIieOPm8 or Click hereAnna Jelen youtube

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…… ciao anna, ja traurig traurig was es da für seltsame “vögel” gibt auf dieser unserer welt !
aber o k, du sagst es : es wird deren problem sein, at the end !

die grosse kunst ist es daher: die “guten” (für dich) raus zu filtern / raus zu spüren …….
o k, not so easy, aber es geht schon ! auf die innere stimme / intuition hören & …….

was meinst du ?

enjoy the nice duuuunstig …… oder friiitig oder …….. ;-))

l g


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