Dare to be yourself, the story continues…

Dare to be yourself, the story continues…

dare to be yourself

Dare to be yourself and dare to be authentic. Are you afraid to be judged? If yes, imagine this: It starts that you don’t dare to tell others what you really think. At meetings – where your opinion counts, you are going to be very quiet – because you don’t dare to speak up. At home, you might keep your desires for yourself and not tell your lover. And at work, you don’t dare to ask for a raise. After years of hiding the real you – the day will come where you will regret this. Do you know what we are missing – if we don’t dare to be ourself ? And this has nothing to do with being an introvert or an extrovert. It has to do that you don’t dare, because you might fear what others think of you or because you are in search for constant harmony or because you want to be everybodies darling. Today we will find out how we can start to dare a bit more. Dare to live the life you want to have.

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