ENTREPRENEURSHIP and BUSINESS – Part 1 – The beginning and the mistakes


Today we have this podcast episode as an audio OR video. It’s a test.

It’s about owning your own BUSINESS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and THE one question which helped me out of my misery at the beginning of having my own company.

Maybe you know one person who is struggling as an entrepreneur – this “business-series” might be very interesting to him/her. Feel free to share and to tell me, if you like the video format as well.

Watch the video hereĀ Click hereAnna Jelen youtube
Episode notes
  • article on “starting your own business is the best way” 00:51
  • is it really that easy to run your own business? 02:22
  • who am I? Someone who… 04:28
  • why I quit my job to run my own business 06:56
  • without a clue starting a business and first mistake 08:30
  • losing the ground beneath my feet and facing reality 09:33
  • more mistakes… 11:48
  • critical money issue and the result 12:57
  • the offer I couldn’t refuse…or yes? 13:57
  • THE plan 14:38
  • when destiny strikes 15:44
  • the evening my business startet to change 17:17
  • THE question which changed my future 19:33
  • the weekly challenge for YOU 20:55
  • idea for a good sponsor for the podcast? 24:24

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