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Anna Jelen

A typical Swi-Swe (Swiss-Swede), born in 1978 with the passion for time.

Since I can remember, I have been interested in the subject of “How do we use the time we have?”.

For 15 years, I have been holding lectures and workshops on this issue – at home in Switzerland and abroad. It is my job to remind you that our lifetime is limited and that it would be negligent to ignore this. I convey this with humor, knowledge and experience (including amusing self-experiments). 

It is my goal to inspire you to live and use your time properly.

I am known for my light-heartedness. Some call it light-heartedness, some call it crazy, unacceptable, brave or funny. Are you curious to create your own opinion? Then book me.  😃

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I will give you hints, ideas and advices in a simple (sometimes funny) weekly Podcast for your daily life.
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Let’s talk about time world tour
I travel around the world with my speech Let’s talk about time

Anna Jelen lets talk about time

Let's talk about time Bangkok

just a great subject to do a lecture on Maagwould def come back again

Let's talk about time Bangkok

Dear Anna, congratulations for yet another successful event! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and find much inspiration. I know it has also ignited some positive thinking among many of us. I love the way you shared and the content is really good! I wish you are living here in Bangkok so we can have regular meeting! In any case, please keep in touch and share your findings or if you should need any input, feel free to contact us. Best of luck for your upcoming events! Cheers! Lynda 😊

Let's talk about time Zürich

Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge so generously!

Let's talk about time Hamburg

Thank you, Tack and Merci! I had a wonderful time 🙏

Let's talk about time Hamburg

it was great. hope see you again!

Let's talk about time Portland

Anna is personable and inspiring! Time well spent!

Let's talk about time Portland

I truly enjoyed the presentation and the event and look forward to see whats to come from Anna!

Anna Jelen newspaper

My video vlog
here you have access to my video channel and watch my weekly videos “one tips for a change” on youtube !

Yes, I want more of Annas ideas and tools

That’s what my customers say:
Crédit Agricole Suisse
Responsable du service d'expertise immobilière

The creative and curious Anna always manages to lead me into her fascinating world of time. She manages to deal with the topic of time management in a different way and gets pleasure in using my time properly.

urs Maurer
Urs Maurer
Philips Lighting
Country CEO

Anna is refreshing, easygoing, motivated and very professional. She is openminded and spontaneous. Seminars with Anna are a pure joy and makes curious for more.

Viktoria Scheiber
Viktoria Scheiber
Kantonsspital Graubünden

Hej hej & hallå, do you know Anna?

I, Viktoria, had the pleasure to get to know her during a Workshop. She is probably the coolest woman from two “worlds” right? If  the vibrations of her positivity were measured with a measuring device, the pointer would be constantly in motion and the measuring device would sooner or later explode. Her expertise together with her sympathy, as well as her distinctive charm makes Anna very unique!

Anna Lehmann
Verband Frauenunternehmen

Anna is an open-minded, very positive woman, with great commitment, who lives and works for her conviction. She is brave and likes to use the new media. I’m looking forward every time a new clip comes from her. Anna is refreshingly different.

Daniel Zweifel
Spiess & Kühne AG
CPO Geschäftsleitung

Anna’s techniques and tips for a better use of time during business days accompany me now almost 10 years since the first seminar in summer 2007 on Mallorca. In the meantime, I have already been able to benefit a lot from their great knowledge and their experience in time management at other seminars and also apply some advice every day. Anna’s seminars are not 0815 seminars, because Anna is simply different and always incorporates unconventional ideas and commits new paths. Anna lives what she says and is completely authentic, open, spontaneous, just real and good, … Anna!

Nicola Dennda
Dennda - Orthopädie und Rehatechnik

What remains of the workshop for the ladies: Time to inhale, permanent inputs on the topic of time management, really good discussions between the work units, great place to work in the hotel handeck, delicious food, what more … and everything from the wonderful kind of Anna – merci much for it, I think a lot back!

Renate Mendelin
Mendelean GmbH

A workshop with Anna Jelen is pure experience. I could listen to her for hours, because what she teaches her is authentic, funny and yet serious, charming, spontaneous, simply unique. It stimulates thought, it stimulates thought, it stimulates a rethinking … ..but everything to his TIME, because ZEIT is her passion.

Claudia Muschalik
Hotel Kulm Arosa
Personalleiterin/Human Resources Manager

Having a seminar with you is a “must” and you go there very much strengthened with a lot of positive energy and a smile on the lips. I can say that from my own experience. I am happy to know you, and I wish you to empower people with your positive energy.

Arieli Elcharar

@annathetimeexpert: you are the best ! There are not many people on this planet who can influence another life that fully and Lovingly like you do.

Team aifach

We from the aifach arosa appreciate the seminars of anna because of the uncomplicated and easy atmosphere. with anna over time or to discuss the aifacheleben is like a departure from the weisshorn with the ski. dynamic and with ever new twists / views but mainly: very fast deep in the subject / tal.


Walter Zaugg

Anna makes: captivating lectures with a healthy “pinch of humor”

Anna has: a sympathetic, pleasant and natural kind Where annA stands on it is also annA in it 🙂

AH. Employees of Kreissparkasse Tübingen

At the moment I am preparing a speech again. Your photoprotocol is next to my design and is therefore also used three years later. Thank you very much.



A spiritual high-altitude flight with consequences.

Erich Frech

A new experience in further education; it dominates the atmosphere, interaction and efficiency

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